Don Kimber

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My deepest passion is in understanding mind, creativity and consciousness at the individual and collective level, and applying that understanding to participation in the evolution of the human spirit. My entire adult life I’ve been moved by the vision of a transformation on Earth, a sort of awakening of our collective consciousness, that can guide us in the creation of a more beautiful loving world.

Professionally I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to work on many cool and interesting technologies. These include rich methods of imaging, such as panoramic video capture, spatially indexed capture along interesting sets of paths, mirror worlds using computer graphic models to show views of the world augmented with additional information layers, telepresence robotics and drones, and human assisted mobile telepresence.

But increasingly I’ve come to believe that technology must be in service of creating a better world for humans, rather than driven by what is cool or what makes money. So, I think we should ask about any technology development - can this create more love and understanding in the world?

A common theme in the arc of my research over the past 20 years has been the development of technology that helps people more easily see the world from many views, and as a whole. I believe that this kind of technology enables part of our collective human mind - our perception and understanding of ourselves and our planetary home. This sharing of views and understanding is an important part of the evolutionary transformation necessary to achieve a truly peaceful world, and the required infrastructure and content must be part of a creative commons shared by all.

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